Customized Solutions & Services:

  • Snap Ring Grooves: We provide snap-ring grooving for most bearing applications that are not available or are long lead times. Common bearing nomenclature designations are N and NR grove for these snap ring options.
  • Duplex Grinding: Duplex Bearings often are two or more matched bearings that provide accurate alignment in both radial and axial directions. Vibration can be minimized and or eliminated and higher load capacity achieved using duplex bearings. Longer life and increased system reliability is achieved by using controlled stiffness within the duplex. Duplex grinding is available for precision bearings ABEC class 3-5-7 and 9 precision classes and bearing taper bore assemblies.
  • Spacer Manufacturing: precision spacer manufacturing, shim, and washer services

Relubrication & Specialty Coating Services

  • Grease Relubrication: lubrication changeouts for sealed or shielded bearings.  Complete inventory and specifications of greases and oils are available.
  • Prefluorinated Grease Processing: Extreme condition solutions.
  • Custom Washing, Inspection and Cleanroom Services Available
  • Premature Bearing Failure Analysis: Inner and outer dimensional tolerances; over and under lubrication, and contamination are the common root causes of bearing failure. If you feel your bearing is failing prematurely, we can analyze, report, and propose corrective action and options.
  • Solid Polymer Lubrication: Standard industry options as well as food grade options using W64 feature
  • Bearing Repair, Cleaning, Refurbishment and Remanufacturing
  • Specialty Coatings: Ceramic coating, TDC (thin dense chrome plating), FENCR coating
  • Specialty Bearing Materials: 440C Stainless, 316 and 304SS, 630 Stainless, Titanium, Peak, PTFE.
  • Private Labeling: Customize bearing markings with part numbers and company logo
  • Cost comparison & Design review analysis: Analysis and proposal of comparing current bearing part numbers; developing a cost comparison and submitting first article prototypes using our design review process
  • Kitting: We can kit as required to reduce handling and multiple purchase orders with your part numbers and ship 3rd party for efficiency and customer service